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What if you’re sent to find a hero and the hero you find is yourself?

When Grey’s father is arrested for a crime she committed, Grey escapes into an enchanted world within a curio cabinet. Among the living curios—beautiful, cruel porcelains and clever tick-tocks—Grey searches for the one person who can help her get home and save her father.

She finds the only other human in Curio, a boy named Blaise. But he’s in disguise, embroiled in a revolution, and reluctant to remember his past in Grey’s world. To get home, Grey must join a band of freedom fighters, escape the grasp of the obsessed porcie ruler, and uncover the incredible secret of her own identity. A secret as connected to Blaise as the mark on his skin— a mark Grey also possesses.

Curio’s characters whir to life as the worlds they inhabit spin toward violent revolution. Vivid and subversive, Evangeline Denmark’s debut novel sets coming of age and first love against a backdrop of steam-propelled greed and societal repression.

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